How do you handle maintenance requests?

If you select our company as your property managers, we’re not going to bother you with the little stuff – a leaky faucet or a broken sprinkler head are the types of routine maintenance items that we’ll have repaired on your behalf, and you’ll get the paid invoice with your next monthly statement. The bigger stuff – water heater replacement, roof leak, appliance replacement – are the types of repairs that we’ll discuss with you in advance (barring emergency situations). Many maintenance calls are routine in nature. Many times, we can simply talk a resident through a routine maintenance issue, solving it over the phone. We do this at no charge to you. If it’s necessary to send a maintenance technician or contractor out, we maintain relationships with a number of independent vendors who are ready to respond quickly and proficiently to the needs of the properties we manage. We do not employ our own maintenance staff, and we do NOT profit from any maintenance work done on your property.