What kind of condition does my property have to be in, to be considered “rent ready”?

This is one of the most important aspects of marketing a vacant rental property. Properties that are not “Rent Ready” when they’re placed on the rental market tend to be slower to rent, and attract renters who are  willing to settle for less than top quality. These willing-to-settle residents don’t value their rental homes as much as more discerning renters. We want renters who appreciate quality, and who take good care of our owners’ properties!

Prospective renters typically can’t envision what the property will look like after we do “this” or “that.” Telling a prospect we’re going to be painting, or going to be replacing carpets is pretty much useless. The first impression of a vacant property is the lasting impression of that property. That’s why our owner/clients agree to take care of the basics – fresh paint (neutral colors), new floor coverings (or, those that look new), nice window coverings, landscaping front and back (even if it’s simple), the home professionally cleaned (including windows), and everything in good working order – before we begin our task of marketing the rental home. The results are always much better, when we approach the marketing process with a Rent Ready home!